How to play Call of Duty Mobile Black Ops 3 for Android

 Three years after the release of the last chapter, acclaimed and hugely popular among fans, Call of Duty: Black returns to the shelves with the third episode of the saga developed by Treyarch and distributed this time by Activision . The US software house , after the first doubts of the online community , took the reins of the series and led Call of Duty: Black Ops to be considered among the best FPS ( First Person Shooter ) in the gaming world. If the Call of Duty developed by Infinity Wardwas set during the Second World War, the Black Ops series is placed in the future, in wars that are fought with drones and futuristic weapons. The plot of Call of Duty: Black Ops III is set forty years after the previous chapter, in a 2065 shaken by wars and cyber attacks


The game features all the modes that have made Call of Duty: Black Ops a classic of multiplayer fun: in addition to online challenges with users from all over the world, the enthusiast will be able to face a campaign that will keep him busy for almost ten hours and some extra challenges against zombies who will try to eat the gamer's brain. Despite the scheduled release in an autumn full of news (first Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, then Fifa 16 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 and finally the new Destiny: The Corrupted King ), Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, does not lose the challenge with its competitors and obtains good results in the reviews of specialized critics: the plot of the campaign is good, the graphic textures in the nocturnal settings are excellent, the online multiplayer is a little less, which resumes the modalities of the previous chapter.

Campaign mode: between single player , cooperation and fight against Zombies

Compared to the classic FPS that base much of their success on an engaging and chaotic online multiplayer, Call of Duty: Black Ops has shown from the beginning a particular interest in the Campaign mode , in which the gamer can demonstrate their tactical skills through the various missions. If in Call of Duty: Black Ops II the plot revolves around the killing of Menendez, in the third chapter of the saga the story is more smoky and aimed at a more adult audience. The implications of the various missions have an ethical profile that is difficult to find in other FPS, making Call of Duty: Black Ops III an interesting and innovative project.


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